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Ethiopia is both breathtaking and extraordinary, a country perched on a high plateau in a region known as the Horn of Africa.

This land of striking natural beauty, isolated by geography for centuries, has culture and traditions date back over 3000 years. Long known as Abyssinia, it stands between the cultures of the Mediterranean and the tribal people of the African heartland who inhabit areas that boast the origins of humankind. The rich history of the country dates back to the Queen of Sheba and is visible today in ancient tombs, rock-hewn churches, colourful festivals and near-stone age tribes.

Ethiopia is a country of vast geographical contrasts and covers an area as large as France and Spain combined. Spectacular mountains rise to over 4000 metres, downpours drench thick rainforests and where the forbidding Danakil depression dips below sea level, temperatures soar to create one of the hottest places on earth. It is a land of extremes and of remote and wild places. Much of the country remains inaccessible to all but the most adventurous travellers but the great rivers that dissect the country provide corridors to some of the least visited areas on the continent. Our river journeys on the Blue Nile and Omo rivers are as fascinating and exciting as the country itself.

The Omo River Expedition Itinerary

    If you enjoy the wild and the untouched, and would like to witness first hand a remnant of what Africa must have been like before man then this is the trip for you. Hundred of different varieties of strange and colourful birds dart in and out of the lush vegetation. Wild game is abundant... At times, the canyons are over 5000ft deep and spectacular waterfalls tumble down their walls, cliffs rise hundreds feet above our heads and the river flows serenely through this magical land.

    The Omo River is the corridor to the most probable site of the "Cradle of Mankind". Remains of our earliest ancestors, dating back almost four million years, have been uncarther in this breathtaking wilderness. As the river journey unfolds, your fascination with this captivating region will grow.

    The African Queen, Lower and Upper Omo Itineraries

The Historic Route Option

    This option is a five day guided tour of the northern area of Ethiopia, an immersion in the history of this enchanted land. Instead of returning to Addis Ababa from Bahir Dar (at the end of the Blue Nile Expedition depicted above), you will fly on to Gondar and ... (more about this option)

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We encourage you to travel light with little more than personal clothes, a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. We will send a complete list of personal gear on confirmation of booking but make some specific recommendations for Ethiopia.

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