"We should expect to experience some level of guilt at confronting the realities of a country like Ethiopia - it would take an overdeveloped sense of self-righteousness not to - and accept that this guilt will influence our thoughts and actions." - Introduction by Philip Briggs


The Sign and the Seal by Graham Hancock
"'People may believe what they wish. People may say what they wish. Nevertheless we do possess the sacred Tabot, that is to say the Ark of the Covenant, and I am its guardian...'. ' Let me be clear about this,' I interjected. 'Are you referring to the original Ark of the Covenant...? "

Sellassie vs. Mussolini by Harold C. Marcus
"In September 1934, Mussolini had decided to take Ethiopia... Most observers at the time were ignorant of Ethiopia's historic refusal to abandon its independence. They did not reckon on the steel spine of Haile Sellassie and his compatriots' deeply entrenched anti-Italian attitudes."

Lost Cities of Africa by Basil Davidson
"Some sixty years ago, in a clearing of the Congo forest a Hungarian in Belgian service sat making notes. For the time and place this Hungarian, Emil Torday, was an unusual sort of man, an unusual sort of European. What he wanted was neither rubber nor ivory nor conscript labor, but information about the past."


Africa High & Wild by Beyond Productions
"Kilimanjaro... the Mountain that is Africa...Even from this vast distance, far across the barren Tanzanian plain, we are spell-bound by its magic. The highest peak on the entire continent - the largest dormant volcano in the world stands in all its solitary majesty waiting to be climbed."

Ethiopian River Adventures by Adrift
"If you enjoy the wild and the untouched, and would like to witness first hand a remnant of what Africa must have been like before man then these trips are for you... Outdoor challenges in a country where culture and traditions date back over 3000 years."

Gelada Baboons by Linda Waddell from Partridge Films
"Geladas are very beautiful baboons - other baboons have fairly unsightly inflammed bottoms which serve to signal their sexual state. Instead, geladas have neat firm bottoms that look like hot cross buns ! A perfect pad for their life spent mainly shuffling around on their bottoms feeding on grass."


Surviving Salvation by Dr. Ruth Westheimer
"Israel's success record in secret operations under the harshest of conditions is unrivaled by that of any other country including the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann, the raid of Entebbe ... the resettlement of the Ethiopians is neither secret nor dramatic. It is, in fact, a long, complex process whose heroes usually go unnoticed."

Women in Power by Lucy Panhurst
"Lucy, alias Dinknesh - literally "you are lovely" - is the first woman in Ethiopian history, indeed in the history of the world. She was a dainty little person, an intrepid walker who came down from the trees some three million years ago in the Afar region of eastern Ethiopia... named her Lucy after the Beatles song..."

The Bobo Dread by Barry Chevannes
"In spite of pressure by the police on the Rastafari for ganja and other alleged offenses, I have not come across a single instance of a Bobo being arrested or detained. As Bobo, they retreated further away from the world of the profane, cutting themselves off and maintaining the separation by a ritual distance."


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