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Australian Aboriginal contemporary traditional work depicts themes connected to the "Dreamtime" and are frequently called "Dreamings". This has nothing to do with sleep or the western concept for the word "dream". John Carrick wrote in the exhibit catalogue that accompanied the first traveling exhibit of aboriginal artifacts in the early 1980s:

"The Dreamtime is the period in which creative acts were performed by the first ancestors of men -- spirits, heros, and heroines who established thepattern of nature and life, and created man's environment. The Dreamtime isa process as well as a period: it had its beginning when the world wasyoung and unformed, but it has never ceased. The ancestor who established law and patterns of behavior is as alive today as when he performed his original creative acts. The sacred past, the Dreamtime, is for Aborigines also the sacred present, the Eternal Dreamtime."

Read the brief orientationto Aboriginal Art and then visit the exhibition of contemporary traditional paintings!. For further information about thecollection and other Aboriginal Art pieces please contact Lauri Fiedler at The Active Link .

The Australian Aboriginal
"Origins and Art"

A Picture Exhibition:
"Contemporary Traditional Art"


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